My boss and I have an incredible relationship

Hi my name is Ryan Marshall and I want to talk to you why my boss and I have an incredible relationship.

It was March 2015 and Horizon Media announced that they were having an incubator competition. My boss Rich Abend had this idea he’d been sitting on for that last four or five years. He didn’t really know how to go about putting it into action.

He thought that the incubator competition was an awesome opportunity to make this a reality.

He reached out to me and said he thought I was the right person to help him build out this business plan and present it to the company to see if we could get the funding.

To have your boss say that to a junior level employee, that is something that is incredibly powerful and really builds self esteem.

Fast forward four weeks and we’ve made it through the competition, we wont and received the seed funding.

Fast forward a year from then, we no have a prototype built out, we have partnerships in the works and it’s one of the best experiences I could have ever asked for.

All this would never have been possible if my boss didn’t have the belief in me.

Horizon Life is…. building lifelong business and personal relationships.