Finding my home at Horizon…

My name is Mike Holder, and I am the director of security at Horizon Media.

My Horizon life started almost 5 years ago after serving 25 years in the NYPD. After a quarter of a century, and more than half my life in law enforcement, I felt like a fish out of water joining Horizon. I went from supervising a detective squad and investigating every type of crime to joining a relatively tame media agency. There was definitely a bit of a culture shock going from the crime blotter to where I am now. My wife was happy that I was safer, but I wasn’t sure I could fit in.

I soon met some wonderful people here. When there was an ESPN sponsored event being held on behalf of survivors of the WTC disaster on the anniversary of ‘9/11,’ someone thought of me and asked if I wanted to attend. I was uncertain about revisiting such an indelible moment, but after recognizing the cause and finding out that NY Jets legend Joe Namath would be there, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. After all, he is my father’s football hero and coincidentally the namesake for my 4th child, Christian Namath!

(I named him Namath in honor of my dad because I didn’t want to name him “Francis.” Sorry dad, and I apologize to anyone named Francis).

Joe couldn’t have been nicer and we had a great laugh while he autographed Chris’ original birth certificate.

It was a bit of a surreal experience and for me. The opportunity helped merge my prior life with my new role here at Horizon while allowing me to share in a worthy cause with some of my new friends. After that, I felt welcomed and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Horizon life is friendship.