Horizon helped me find roommates and best friends for life…

Hi, my name is Mark.

I started at Horizon about 2 and a half years ago. With experience at two other agencies prior to Horizon, I knew I really liked the culture of independent agencies and combined with the opportunity to work on a big client along with fantastic co-workers, I knew this was the place for me.

About 6-8 months after I started, I became an ambassador for John Kim, a strategist at the time. I was sub-letting an apartment with another fellow Horizon co-worker and friend, Mike Brannigan, but knew I had to look for a place of my own soon. John was also sub-letting from a friend and our timing worked out where we both moved in as roommates in Hell’s Kitchen.

I’ve had various roommates in the past who have been my co-workers and more importantly, friends, and it’s such a great experience. You have the opportunity to share work experience within the same agency and it also gives you a sense of comfort since you know that person before becoming roommates.

Horizon Life means… making best friends for life.