The story of how Horizon became my home

My name is Khalilah and I have been at Horizon for almost 4 years.

My journey at Horizon began 6 months after giving birth to my daughter Akilah, so this place will always represent a new chapter and new beginning in my life. I have worked at many companies in various industries but Horizon is somewhere I can consider home. I remember when I first started working here, people would always ask ‘how did I like my new job?’ One of the things that stood out to me from the very beginning was how personable everyone was. It was almost like stepping into The Land of Make Believe because everyone was so bubbly and positive. Not to mention, I l felt extremely fortunate to be working for two of the best bosses I’ve ever had in my career.  Being an executive assistant, it can be rare that you work for someone who genuinely cares and is compassionate, not only about your well-being but your family too.

All of this became even more apparent when I lost my grandmother last year. My grandmother was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it was one of the most devastating times of my life. Over the course of one month, things changed drastically for me and I was trying to find a way to balance work and spend as much time with her as possible. Both of my supervisors (Sheri Roder and Stephen Hall) were beyond understanding and allowed me to work from home when I needed and take whatever time I needed to deal with this life changing event. I know not many people can say that they were allowed to take time off and deal with a dying relative outside of the typical “bereavement” days. Truth is, we all need more than those few days to adjust and I was allowed that.

It was such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, to not worry if I would still have my job when I came back or forced to check emails and think about WORK when my grandmother was dying right before my eyes.

The day after she passed, the department sent food and desserts to my mother’s home so we didn’t have to worry about cooking for a few days. It was such a shock to see and that gesture meant the world to my family and I, I knew then more than ever that Horizon was FAMILY!


Horizon Life is…..knowing that business really is personal.