We decided it was time to look into adoption

My name is Linda Rosenberg and I’m the Administrative Assistant on the entertainment team.

I’ve been working at Horizon Media for ten years and four years into being here my husband and I decided it was time to look into adoption.

Four or five months we got that phone call and the process started. It was exciting- people wanted to see pictures and it was amazing to everyone how much, ironically, he looked like me.

During the whole thing, even before I came back, just going through the whole waiting process was so nerve-wracking and the fact that I was able to be here where I was so comfortable and had so many friends that I could talk to because if I couldn’t talk I probably would have exploded was a great support to me because it was so stressful and so nerve-wracking.

People were so open and just let me vent and talk and got me through the whole thing until the day came when he was born.

And even after that, everyone’s response has just been so warm and every time he’s visited everyone has just been overjoyed to see him and welcome with open arms. It’s just been great.

Horizon life means…a supportive place to start my family.