We do Scoutings…

My name is Michael Neuman and I work at Horizon Media.

I’m the Managing Partner of Horizon’s Scout Sports and Entertainment Division.

One of the things that attracted me to Horizon was Bill’s “Business is Personal” philosophy.

Given the amount of time we work together at Scout, it’s important to be vested in everyone’s career growth and personal lives.

To that, I’m a huge fan of team bonding and experiences outside the office, we call them “Scoutings.”

We’ve been to games together, volunteered for City Harvest, The Bowery Mission, attempted “Escape the Room” and even took over Six Flags one time.

Every year I host a team dinner of “Tacos & Tequila” at my apartment.

Last year’s event happened to fall on the first day of one of our employees.

So, everyone is having a great time and all of a sudden we hear this loud noise.

We all turn around to see that the new guy just sat on, and broke my new ping pong table.

So in preparation for our next Tacos and Tequila, we’re making special arrangements to protect the table.

Horizon Life is treating work colleagues like friends and family.