How I became class mom…

Hi, I’m Suzy Cummins.

I’m on the talent development team here at Horizon, but I’m also known as the UpstartU class mom.

When I started here I knew I’d be the program manager for UpstartU, an intraprenurial course in collaboration with NYU, but what I didn’t realize was how quickly I’d fall into the class mom role and how I’d love every second of it.

Helping the 16 individuals in UpStartU throughout the course of the 12 week semester was extremely fulfilling and one of the best things I have been a part of here at Horizon. They actually started calling me class mom!

I make sure the class runs smoothly. This involves everything from class structure and topics to homework assignments and final presentations.

It was amazing to watch all 16 individuals flourish throughout the course of the program. Not only did I see them build relationships with each other, the professor, and with me, but most importantly I saw them each gain confidence in themselves. It was so rewarding to watch them each present to a room full of senior executives at the end, and see how far their 12 weeks of hard work, collaboration, and pivoting really went.

Horizon Life is … helping people with their homework.