The story of how I broke through the clutter to land my dream internship

Hi I’m Graham Allgood and I work at Horizon Media.

My journey to Horizon Media was a little different than most. I dreamed of joining the big leagues in marketing and media, but as my junior year of college ended, I had yet to receive an offer. Discouraged that my resume was stuck in a pile with hundreds of others, I knew I needed to try something new. My solution was to run a marketing campaign targeting my dream media agency, Horizon Media.

I chose Snapchat as the delivery vehicle for my campaign because it is less cluttered than other social platforms and it allowed me to target a very specific geographical space. I had created geofilters in the past for my university coursework, so I was familiar with the process. My goal was for the Snapchat geofilter design to stand alone and be something that Horizon employees would notice and enjoy engaging with. The geofilter media buy over Horizon’s New York office only cost me only $29.

The day the filter went live, I sent out a tweet and Instagram post mentioning @HorizonMediaInc and referencing the filter. Then, my eyes were glued to my phone screen as I waited for a response. I took a risk, not knowing if Horizon Media would think it was cool or creepy. Thankfully, they loved it!

The articles and buzz that followed from outlets such as Business Insider, Fox Business, Mashable, NY Magazine, Teen Vogue, and many more, was a huge surprise. Horizon employees reacted in a deeply encouraging way and even created an internship spot designed specifically for me, which was really exciting.

The company is everything that I dreamed of and more. I am actively becoming a stronger designer and learning the agency ecosystem. Through the leadership and direction provided by Horizon and its internship program, I could not ask for a better place to jump start my career.

Horizon Life means… breaking through the clutter.