I’m the unofficial social chair at Horizon…

My name is Lindsay, and I first joined Horizon in December of 2005.

YES, that was a little over 10 years ago!

My first day of work in the “real world,” just so happened to be the same day as Bill Koenigsberg’s surprise birthday party. And what better way is there to get to know your new co-workers (and the CEO), than a party?!

From there, I knew I wanted to be a part of Horizon on an even larger scale. I was constantly looking for ways to keep the “fun” in what we were doing every day, and it worked. I quickly realized that the best way to get through a work week, was with my¬† new friends. I started planning happy hours; I joined the softball team; I planned all of the summer and holiday party after-parties; and even started getting involved with Horizon’s philanthropic efforts.

Horizon had become my “cheers.” Everyone knew my name, and I quickly became the un-official “Social Chair.”

I’m pretty sure everyone in the company is currently convinced I have a key to the beer taps. I can’t tell you how many emails I get on a Friday afternoon, asking me if the taps are open or if I plan on opening them. But if I’m not opening them, I know a guy who will!

To me, Horizon life….doesn’t end with the workday.