The story of how I organized a city-wide scavenger hunt…

Hi I’m Joey and I’m the Director of Organized Chaos here at Horizon.

One of my favorite memories would have to be was when I created a large scale scavenger hunt for a big client team. We had about 40 people from across different branches of the agency come together. They were running around the city doing all sorts of tasks: going to a bar to buy a pitcher of beer and cheers’ing with ESPN in the background for example. Participants would also get extra bonus points if they happened to run into a local celebrity such as Alec Baldwin or Jimmy Fallon and took a picture with them.

Everyone had an amazing time with a lot of team bonding and a feeling of unity. Bill and the clients judged the entries and they were blown away by the creativity of the photos and videos they submitted. It really brought everyone together so they could get to know each other and work together better as a team.

For me, it was great to get a nice shout-out from Bill at HOC and then all the senior members really gave me their praise — it was a highlight for me in my career, for sure.

Horizon Life… means being able to showcase my corporate and creative side and not having to choose one or the other.