Alex P.

The time I shipped a pizza…

Hi, my name is Alex and I work at Horizon Media.

According to popular story a long time ago; after a long day of meetings the Horizon team and our client team found themselves at a pizza restaurant. And a tradition was born.

For every meeting, we began to include a couple of pizzas in addition to our usual lunch spread.

A couple years ago, during a big client meeting, I found out one of our clients was sick and unable to get to New York for the meeting. I found this out because Bill had mentioned to someone how great it would be to send him a pizza…and just like that the journey began.

After spending some time googling how to safely ship food, I had people running to Bed Bath & Beyond to get as many ice packs as possible (turns out freezing it is the way to go), and another group running out to pick up the pizza.

We had to make the 4pm FedEX pick up if this pizza was to get there the next day…

We got the pizza, and taped a bunch of ice packs and ziplocks full of ice to the pizza box. We placed it in a make shift cardboard box and it was on its way.

I then received a tracking number for this pizza pie.

I have no idea what condition it was in when it arrived as its destination. But I am told it put a smile on our client’s face and that is what we all did it for.

Horizon Life is… going the extra mile.