You never know what might happen if you just say hello…

Hello everyone, I’m Dan English and I am a strategist here at Horizon Media.

So one day I was catching the 1 train home and I noticed that there was someone, who looked familiar, sitting next to me and it looked like I had seen her at the office. Her name was Melissa Endelblum.

I just said hi and asked her if she worked at Horizon and it turned out she was interning on the social team, which she now works on, and she told me she was a producer and had all these projects going on.

She actually invited me to audition for a showcase she was putting up at the Secret Theatre which is in Long Island City. I showed up to the audition, got the part and now were doing an off-Broadway run at the Players Theatre in The Village.

I never really thought that here at Horizon Media I was going to have the opportunity to get involved in creative projects that I was able to produce and act in.

Little did I know, Horizon is not only just a day job that pays the bills, but it also is a place where creative people can link up and make projects come to life.

Horizon life means…bringing creative people together to make great things happen.