I often joke that Horizon raised me…

Hi, my name is Sharmel. I joined Horizon when I was just 20 years old (10 years ago). After contacting HR, I had a few rounds of interviews scheduled, and even met with the company CEO, Bill Koenigsberg to talk about my future career Facilities Supervisor. I was excited about the company culture and impressed that Bill would even take time to meet me, so of course I accepted the position immediately.

After nine years here, I’ve watched this company grow in leaps and bounds. When I first started, Horizon had about 200 employees and was spread out across three offices in midtown, New York.  Today, we’ve grown to 1,200 people and now work in one of the best office spaces that New York City has to offer!

In step with Horizon’s incredible growth, I too have grown over the years. My responsibilities have increased over the years, and I’ve become a stronger person because of this company and my team. So much so that I often joke that I was raised here.

One funny story, actually happened during my first year of working for Horizon. Lauren R. threw me the best surprise better party ever! She tricked me into coming into the conference room and had me shotgun my first beer in front of the whole office! We still joke about it to this day!

Horizon Life means… growth, great coworkers and amazing work culture/atmosphere.