My Horizon Life story started nine years ago…


Hi, my name is Natalie.

I was all of 27 years old and a new mother! After temping elsewhere for a few years prior, I was glad to finally feel like I had become a part of a work family. As I look back now, I had no idea how much Horizon would become like a part of my own family.

I remember the first time I was stuck with a school closing with no baby sitter. My husband and I were both new to our jobs and couldn’t take any time off. I called my then boss who suggested I bring my daughter into work with me. At previous jobs this was unheard of, so I was skeptical at first. But I quickly felt at ease as everyone that noticed my daughter (even the head of talent) was nothing but warm, friendly and inviting to her.

Fast forward nine years and Jazmine feels as though she works here herself! She has formed relationships with many Horizon employees (and their children), who look forward to seeing her every time she visits. It is sometimes hard to contain her when she is here as she wants to go say hello to her “friends.”

I myself have bonded with a few other Horizon mommies who have children of the same age. We’ve watched them grow together throughout these Horizon Media walls. We have swapped stories, exchanged advice and provided an incredibly strong support system for one another. It is truly amazing to work for a company that embraces and encourages such wonderful experiences.

My dedication to the work that I do every day is a clear reflection of how proud and appreciative I am of that. I could only hope that my daughter is as lucky as I am. To one day be employed by (or better yet own and operate) a business that is as personal as Horizon Media.

Horizon Life is… being a part of a family