I have the summer itch…

Hi, my name is Molly and I have the summer itch.

The summer itch is something that effects working adults who tend to spend glorious summer days in front of a computer, daydreaming about color wars, and days at the beach.  The only known cure of the summer itch is fun.  So, this past summer, when I heard that some folks in the building across the street were creating post-it art in their windows, I knew this was going to be the remedy.

It’s unclear how it started, but once it caught on, it really stuck around.  The windows across Canal Street started filling up with comic book heros, graphic art, and homages to pop culture.  Agencies in our building starting responding to the art from Zenith and others across the street. CanalNotes Post-It War was officially on.

Over the next several weeks, it was common to see groups of people huddled around windows, planning, plotting, and placing their post-it masterpiece.  The treehouse team chose to showcase some of our favorite characters – Daenerys Targaryen, Harry Potter, and Mr. Robot.

It seemed like the whole city got caught up in the fun.  Articles popped up each day, showcasing new work.  I was even interviewed by German Public Radio.

It all culminated in an invitation from the Today show to come to the studio and create a personalized window for them.  A group of us woke up at 4am and travelled to 30 Rock where we spent an hour composing a New York skyline with a Today show logo sunrise.

As summer waned, we got to work pulling down all of the post-its and getting back to the work at hand.  When it was all over, 3M sent us an entire pallet of post-it notes.  It’s currently in storage just waiting to help treat Summer Itch 2017.


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