The story of when I locked my team out of the ski house…twice

Hi my name is Lauren Johnson and I’m on the Brand Strategy team. Even though I’m usually a pretty smart and fully functional human being, I’ve managed to get locked out of the Horizon ski house…twice.

The first time I got locked out was 2 years ago, in the middle of a pretty large snowstorm.

I’d set everything up with my team – managed to get liability vouchers, organize rental cars and departure times, purchase snacks and groceries for the weekend, load up the car and drive through the snow for the 4 hour drive to Vermont.

Once we arrived, somewhere around midnight, we got the key to the house from the condo management…only to find that the key doesn’t actually work at the house. So we waited, in the car, in 10’ weather, surrounded by oreos, gummy worms, beef jerky and TONS of laughs for a good 3 hours until the caretaker could let us in. But it was a blast! I was so surprised that none of us got in a fight considering the serious cabin fever that was setting in.

Once we got into that house, we weren’t going anywhere. We ended up just staying in the entire weekend eating more oreos, making s’mores by the fire and drinking one to many hot-toddies.

Fast forward a year later, and yep – you guessed it! I did it again. But this time it was a different team, and luckily – the lodge down the street took pity on us and let us stay there for the night.

Even though at the time it was a really difficult (and cold) experience, I couldn’t have asked for better people to get locked out with…twice. Hopefully this year it won’t happen again!

 Horizon Life is… being able to laugh together, even through the worst of circumstances.