I’m a serial rec league sports starter…

Hi, my name is Georgia.

Horizon was my first “real” job, and there was so much to learn, so much to take in, so many people to meet – I was intimidated.

My friend and I started talking about how great would it be to get a group of people together to play kickball, a sport neither of us had played since middle school.

It kind of started out as a joke – but before I knew it, I was sending an office-wide email gauging interest in joining a kickball league. I received a ridiculous amount of responses within minutes, and that was it. I was starting a rec league! And a few weeks later, I was walking over to the PS 100 blacktop, a makeshift field under the Williamsburg Bridge.

I’d never joined a work league or club by my own accord – everything I’d ever enrolled in at Horizon was mandatory or required. I was immediately mad at myself that I’d never done so before, because the types of people that join rec leagues – joiners, I call them – are awesome.

We maybe won one or two games throughout the entire season – but rec league isn’t about winning. It’s about meeting new people, maybe drinking too many beers on a work night, and then bonding over it the next day at the coffee machine.

Some of my friends from kickball became my best friends at work and beyond. I met people I would never have worked with or interacted with, and that’s what I love about sports. People come from all corners of the agency, and you meet people totally outside your own little work bubble.

I honestly attribute joining rec leagues to how I’ve been able to step out of my shell at Horizon. Now I feel much more comfortable around teams or people I haven’t met yet.

A year later, I’ve started three more teams – dodgeball, bowling (I just got my first strike last week), and a hybrid dodgeball and flipcup team!

Horizon Life means stepping out of your comfort zone.