The story of my first interview at Horizon…


Hi I’m Devin and I work in the Invention team at Horizon Media.

My story started when I stepped out of the Horizon elevators on the 16th floor in the month of October of 2014, dressed in a suit and tie for my first job interview.  I walked to the reception desk and asked to meet our chief invention officer, Taylor Valentine, and was greeted by one of the friendliest people I have ever met.  He engaged me in a bit of small talk, gave me some water and showed me where to wait in reception for Taylor.

One week later, I came back to Horizon. This time wearing a different suit and tie for my second interview with Taylor.  The same man greeted me. This time like an old friend.  He asked me how my meeting with Taylor went and I said I think it went OK. He responded by telling me that it probably went more than OK. I was back again, this time meeting with Vinnie O’Toole, our CFO.  I thanked him and leaning in, asked if he had a spare pen. Embarrassingly I had forgotten one.  He said of course, and even offered to store my bag for me while I interviewed.  Before I walked over to wait for Vinnie, he gave me a few words of encouragement that went a long way.  I think he even told me my tie was a bit off.

I later came to learn that this man, who is still one of the friendliest people I know, is Jamal Leid.  I returned for a third interview and Jamal was just as friendly as in our two previous interactions.  I think we can all agree here at Horizon that we have a beautiful space and provide a great service to our clients.  But what really makes this place special are the people.

As I walked to the elevator after my third interview, Jamal once again asked me how it went. I thought to myself that if this is how complete strangers are treated at Horizon, I can only imagine how they treat their employees and clients.  I signed an offer letter a few days later and started the very next day.  Business is personal. I learned that on day one and it still rings true today.

Horizon Life means… treating complete strangers like they are friends.