The story of how my mentor helped me grow…

When I first began working at Horizon, I attended Dunes of Dreams, and heard Alli Grabel speak about a new program she was creating called MentorME.

I’ve always been a bit anxious around upper management, so my supervisor encouraged me to join MentorME to get exposure to senior management and become more comfortable working with a mentor. I applied for the program and was accepted, and Allie paired me with Niki DeCou as my mentor.

Since joining MentorME, Niki and I meet twice a month for an hour to discuss everything. Topics range from evaluating my goals before my Performance Coach review; to how to get exposure to different parts of the agency; as well as getting tips on how to be a better presenter.

Since I joined the program more than five months ago, I’ve seen just how much confidence I’ve gained in working with senior management and how much more confident I’ve become with myself.

I would recommend this program to anyone who not only wants to gain confidence, but is also looking for a mentor to help guide them through their career here at Horizon.

Horizon Life means… having someone help push you to be your best self.